Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Feel Bad About My Neck (And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman)

by Nora Ephron

Quickie recap: Nora Ephron, like every other human being, is getting older, and she's sick of books about aging that pretend it's so great to be old. It's not great to be old...but it is pretty funny.

Quickie review: I admire her for lots of reasons; her ability to make me laugh out loud is one of them.

Quickie recommendation: Light and humourous, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this book.


Robin said...

Hey! Back before I switched to - ugh, I'll fess up to it - myspace, I used to be a regular reader of your blog. I had a rare bit of free surf time today and I got to thinking about that funny canadian chick who likes to read books and bake cakes and blog incessantly. In an absolutely amazing feat of long term memory that I didn't think was possible considering my youthful penchant for illegal greenery, I remembered the url. But only because i knew it had something to do with booze. Glad to see you're still here, still blogging. If you ever come over to the dark side, look me up at

Now, on to my thoughts about this book. I loooove Nora Ephron. I suppose I owe her $20 or so because I picked this book up and quite by accident I ended up reading the whole thing right there in the Barnes and Noble. I didn't buy it. But I loved it.

PS Nora says its never worth it to bake one's own pie crust. Do you agree?

Jay said...

That's funny.

On the one hand, yes, because pie crust is the one pastry that can make me cry.
If the crust is not going my way, for some reason, it frustrates me to tears.
Isn't that embarrassing?

On the other hand, my grandmother taught me to make her crust, it really is the best, and I still think it's worth the fuss.

I don't have myspace, but I did get talked into facebook, does that count?

gel said...

This book was worth the read for its title alone. Actually , truly more...