Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

by Amy Sedaris.

Quickie recap: Amy Sedaris, exclusive member of the Can-Make-Me-Belly-Laugh club, knocks another one out of the ballpark. As she puts it: the word 'entertainment' is "charmingly old-fashioned, like 'courtship' or 'back alley abortions'.

Quickie review: You really get the sense that her parties would be a lot of fun, and she inspires you to create your own. I wasn't overly impressed by any of her recipes (she at times refers you to read the directions on the back of a can of pumpkin), but the atmosphere sounds like it would more than make up for whatever the food is lacking (and never underestimate the power of plenty of booze).

Quickie recommendation: I like parties, and I like people who host parties, and I like going to parties, and I like breaking up parties...and as it turns out, I like reading about them too.

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