Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Futurist

by James P. Othmer.

Quickie recap: Yates is a futurist - he "predicts" what the next big thing will be, but when he admits to himself and a room full of people that his theories and in fact his life is pretty much bullshit, well, let's just say he's not exactly allowed to quietly retire as he hopes.

Quickie review: I was prepared and expecting to like this book. I was nonetheless surprised at just how much I liked it: wow. Yates is a sweet and heartfelt bumbler, which just saves him from being a total ass, but it's the combination that make him so wickedly funny. I loved the satire, the cynicism, it really doesn't pull any punches, and I admire that and am vastly entertained by it. I think it takes a pretty deft writer to be so thoughtful, even philosophical, amidst some pretty grossly comic (and at times truly terrifying) situations.

Quickie recommendation: A rare book that I won't have trouble recommending to any of my friends - the social commentary alone makes it worthwhile, but it has enough meat to it for any litnut to sink her teeth into.

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That's an interesting theme.