Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Before I Wake

Quickie recap: Sherry doesn't die. By all means she should have died in the hit-and-run, but she didn't. But the man who hit her is still haunted, and her parents' marriage still fails - and, oh yeah - you'll get a real kick out of what Sherry does do.

Quickie review: I had previous read some less-than-stellar reviews of this book, but still picked it up because I liked the premise and quite frankly, people are morons and are wrong all the time. Luckily, it seems that Wiersema's readers were right - this is a book worth reading. The first few pages hugged me tight, and left me wondering - where can he go from here? But page after page, I was delighted that he was able to sustain the tone, and the pace, and the sense of wonder and anticipation. He deftly pulls together many voices from many biases and out comes this cohesive, lyrical story that refuses to be type-cast.

Quickie recommendation: Without hesitation.

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Anonymous said...

I dont want to ruin anything, but Judas hasnt changed...