Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Culprits

A Love Story by Robert Hough.

Quickie recap: Hank survives being pushed in front of a subway and reacts like any other Canadian man: he sends for a Russian mail-order bride. But when she arrives - surprise, surprise - he doesn't exactly get what he's bargained for.

Quickie review: I didn't even notice that Hough had sub-titled this novel ' A Love Story ', and I'm glad I read it without being tainted by such an identity. It certainly doesn't read like a love story: the terrorism and tinnitus set it apart from others in the genre. But it does read like a good book - meaty, complex, gritty.

Quickie recommendation: Hough has given me a craving for more.


Steve said...

Damn Girl, I can't keep up with ya'...I just started the thrid part of Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, "Cities of the Plain", but I've only read like 27 books this're dustin' me: - )

Jay said...

Well come on, Steve, get with the program, ya sissypants!