Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Quickie recap: Paula can't sleep. Tomorrow she and her husband will tell their children something that will change all their lives forever. She spends the night writing to her kids, explaining the series of events that has led them here.
Quickie review: The story itself is thoroughly enjoyable, topical, and well-written. I found the gimmick of constantly referring to 'tomorrow' to be a little tiresome after a while, and it was perhaps a little distracting but the story propels itself and is captivating enough for the reader to forgive the small annoyances. At the end of the book you feel you may as well have been drinking coffee with your next door neighbour - I had an overwhelming urge to hug Paula and her husband, and if a book can make me care about people who don't exist, I think it's done its job.
Quickie recommendation: Yes.

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