Monday, November 12, 2007


by Frank Herbert.
Quickie recap: There is nothing quickie about this book. Basically, a tribe of people is trying to make their home on this desert-y planet, but boy do they have trouble.
Quickie review: Most people know that science-fiction is not my cuppa, but I did manage to enjoy this book anyhow. It took a while to get into it, but I find that any time you have to jump into an alternative universe it takes time to build a frame of reference. Once this was accomplished, I really liked the pacing, the foreshadowing, the little hints along the way.
Quickie recommendation: If you're a sci-fi lover, then you've doubtless already read this one. Otherwise, I suppose I would say that this is a pretty good representation of the genre and not too daunting for newbies.


Lorna said...

My dear Jay, when do you have time for hi-jinks and other youthful pastimes? Anyway, I think we are conjoined brains as far as books go, except that I wouldn't have even opened the Wealthy Barber. I was haunted by Dune and the spice, but found i could leave the 101 sequels alone.

Jay said...

Yes, I think I will be able to resist those also.