Friday, November 23, 2007

You Can Get Arrested For That

2 Guys, 25 Dumb Laws, 1 Absurd American Crime Spree, by Rich Smith.

Quickie recap: Rich Smith and his buddy Bateman are two Cornish dudes who decide to visit America with the intention of breaking just some of the many senseless laws on their books.

Quickie review: Smith is no writer. He's still young enough that writing a series "I was so wasted..." stories still appeals to him. But the fact remains that his adventure was one worth writing about, and you can't help but admire his determination, if not always his execution. This was a fun book to read, one that reminded me a lot of my own youthful self. Travel is good, spontaneity is good. Reading about them is a perfect bath time indulgence.

Quickie recommendation: You know you want to.


zona said...

"I was so wasted...." sigh. those were the days

Jay said...

Well, he's British, so he didn't put it quite so eloquently...but you get the point.

Lorna said...

it immeasurably saddens me that you think yourself removed from youth. Having said that, I'm going to pass on this baby.