Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gods Behaving Badly

Quickie recap: The Greek gods of Olympus have relocated. They've spent the past several centuries in a crumbling old house in England, watching their powers slip away as the people around them cease to believe in them. Artemis, goddess of hunting and chastity, finds little use for either of these things in 2007. She has taken up dog walking. Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, puts her skills to use as a sex phone operator. It seems that perhaps immortality has an expiration date - until their house cleaner and her beau, mere mortals, have the chance to become heroes and save them (and us) all.
Quickie review: This is my 142nd (and last) book this year, and I can honestly say that Gods Behaving Badly was one of the best enjoyed. It was fun. It was really fun. It was a retelling, a modernized myth, a story for the ages. As soon as I finished I thought - who else has read this? - surely there must be someone who will pour me some tea and have a good hearty chat about it! I want to praise this book for its originality, but at the same time, it was its familiarity, its recounting of the same old story that the Greek gods have always been known for, that made it such a goddamned delight to read. So if not original, I will call it unique. And I will call it lovely, and meaty, and dreamy, and extremely, exquisitely readable.
Quickie recommendation: By the power of Zeus, yes.


Ms Mac said...

Oh, oh! Me Miss, me! I've read it! Please pour me a cup of tea too.

Jay said...

Oh I'm delighted!