Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Look At Me

by Jennifer Egan.

Quickie recap: What makes a person visible? Your face? Your identity? Seeing yourself through others? Leaving a mark? How do you become invisible?

Wow. This is cryptic.

Quickie review: Good stuff. Surprisingly good, probably because more than one character is going through an existential crisis, but they connect in vague but interesting ways. I liked this book. I felt a connection to the characters, and not just because of the pseudo-blog component. It was engaging and thinky. I like thinky.

Quickie recommendation: Yeehaw.

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Droog said...

I think I'd be ripe for an existentiol crisis...if only I believed they existed.


d. chedwick bryant said...

I'll put this one on my library list.

Jay said...

I can work myself up into an existential crisis dozens of times per day if I'm up to it. :)

B said...

I'll add this to my list