Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A novel by William Gay.

Quickie recap: Tyler has in his possession some incriminating photographs that show the local undertaker taking advantage of his clients, but to bring him to justice Tyler must first outrun the hitman hired to take him out.

Quickie review: This book sat on my nightstand unread just long enough for me to have forgotten why I wanted it in the first place. Eventually picking it up, I felt a disconnect, but as soon as I actually cracked the spine and got down to reading, I felt foolish. This book was indeed worth my time. Tyler is a hero worth rooting for. I like a dark tale, I like the seediness of some characters and the sweetness of others. A nice little book.

Quickie recommendation: Again I say, a nice little book.


Lorna said...

Jay my Jay

I bought Dave "Four Letter Word" for Valentine's Day---Isn't it funny that he loves the books I love?

Jay said...

I'd say it works out nicely :)