Monday, March 31, 2008


Quickie Recap: Having witnessed a gruesome accident, a woman flees her fast-paced life to recover...but the more time she takes for herself, the more she realizes she has to confront injuries stemming all the way back to a bizarre childhood that has left her with some odd habits and a questionable relationship with sanity.
Quickie Review: Does it make me sound too easy if I flat-out say I adored this book? It's exactly what makes my book-senses tingle. It made me hungry for more. I've heard Kotapish likened to Sebold and Atwood, both authors I have praised and relished myself, but I always feel like you're not giving someone their due by comparing them to others. All on her own, Kotapish is a force. I hope I write like her.
Quickie recommendation: Although I have a problem on principle with unnamed protagonists, I still have to stick up both thumbs for this book. It hooked me good, and that ending, that ending that left out everything and nothing, that ending will keep me smiling a secret smile all week.


Lorna said...

Jay, I love and revere you. Keep being insomniac and brilliant.

Kat said...

This book sounds like it belongs on my nightstand! Thanks for another great review!

p.s. I'm the girl who emailed you about the Love Letters book. I picked it up, and you were so right. Gorgeous!