Sunday, April 13, 2008


a novel by Anne Simpson.

Quickie Recap: When tragedy strikes an already-tragic family, they take cover in Niagara Falls to relive some memories while trying to forget others.

Quickie Review: I admit, I was drawn to this book because I am drawn to the Falls, but even if you judged it on that one facet alone, it comes out looking pretty spiffy. Simpson lets the Horseshoe Falls stand in as a large, rushing, intimidating metaphor, but it never felt forced. Actually, there's a symmetry to this book that is intensely satisfying. It builds and releases, builds and releases. Perhaps it is morbid that I find grief to be so fascinating, but I believe that it is grief's personal nature that makes us all mesmerized if reluctant witnesses. The characters are perfect in their imperfections, all of them real because they are raw, because they bleed, because they feel things in gray, not in black or white.

Quickie Recommendation: A very gray book indeed, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


Books & Reviews said...

Cool. I will totally add it to my list but of course I already have so many who knows when I'll get around to it thank goodness summer is here! What else do you recommend for reading at the beach?

Berry Patch said...

I saw it in Chapters this weekend and snapped it up since you seem to like it...I hope I do too!