Monday, April 28, 2008

The Outcast

Quickie Recap: Lewis is just a little boy when tragedy befalls him. Instead of rallying around him, he becomes an outcast in his own family, and eventually in his whole community who easily slip him into the role of menace to society, a role he reluctantly fills.

Quickie Review: Whoa. It's not too often that I just get swept away. I wish it was. I wish every book delivered on its promise. This one was bursting with potential from the prologue - and even knowing what was coming, I still spilled tears, I still tasted bitterness, I still felt displeasure. I can't believe this is her novel! Please, sign me up for the second. Miss Jones, I hope you are busy writing! I think the beauty of this novel is that yes, something rather extraordinary happens to Lewis, but that's not the story. The story is in the rather mundane ways he is affected or not affected by it. It downplays the drama. That's such a sophisticated way to write it just blew me away. It's subtle. And brilliant. It leaves you singing for redemption.

Quickie Recommendation: Absolutely. Note the name: Sadie Jones is going to be a major writer.

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