Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's Your City?

How the creative economy is making where to live the most important decision of your life, by Richard Florida.

Quickie Recap: People focus on what to do, and whom to do it with, but a third factor - where to do it - should be equally important. This is a geographical self-help book (the first of its kind?) that urges us all to consider where.

Quickie Review: Some time ago, I read a book called The World is Flat, and I really liked it. It makes sense. Who's Your City, on the other hand, says that the world being flat is a bunch of baloney and really, the world is getting spikier, not flatter. This book is all about how likeness attracts likeness, and cities are where the ideas are, because all the idea-makers congregate together and feed off each other. And how sure people like health care and education and affordable housing, but they also see a city's "energy" as being really important in their choice of location. Therefore, it's important to weigh hour options carefully before moving (and to not be afraid to move in the first place). This book had me drawing two conclusions:

1. I really miss Toronto. Toronto is my city.

2. The world is both flat, and spikey. The books contradict each other a bit, but both are valid and true of the world we live in. Where you live does matter, but location\distance just isn't the barrier that it used to be. Just be careful you don't get left behind.

Quickie Recommendation: If you're in the wrong city, this book has the potential to make you miserable.

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Lorna said...

I thought you lived in Toronto, and thanks, but misery is pursuing me already as it is.