Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Petite Anglaise

In Paris. In Love. In Trouble. A true story by blogger Catherine Sanderson.

Quickie Recap: Sanderson authors the blog Petite Anglaise, where she has journaled her experiences not just as an expat, but as a a girlfriend, mother, friend, and professional. This book unveils how her blog has changed her life, sometimes in surprising ways.

Quickie Review: Lots of bloggers, it seems, are aspiring authors. This is not always a good thing. Sanderson, however, is neither a blogger nor an author. She is a writer, and she carries you away with her words. I was swept along, devouring chapter after chapter. It doesn't matter if you've followed her blog or not, but I do think this story is particularly poignant for those of us who have also shared parts of ourselves online. Although this book details falling in and out of love with men, we also get to see her fall in love with herself a bit, which is a lovely, intimate thing that left me blushing at times because I felt such a strong connection to the experience.

Quickie Recommendation: La chevre adore la Petite Anglaise. (Oui!!)

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