Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Tenth Gift

Quickie Recap: Julia Lovatt proves what I've been saying for years - the gift of a good book can be life-changing. She reads a written diary of a young servant who was captured by pirates and about the man who loved her enough to chase after her.
Quickie Review: This is two great stories in one; Julia Lovatt tells her story -how the book has piqued her, changed her, haunted her - while telling Cat Tregenna's story of peril, adventure and foreign encounters. This book has got a little bit of everything and is deeply entertaining while still managing to provide a historical context and a bond between two women who are separated by 400 years. It'll put spice into your life, even if by osmosis.
Quickie Recommendation: Ten thumbs up.

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Lorna said...

That's my favourite ever critique in three words.