Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sex is Red

Stories by Bill Gaston.

Quickie Recap: How can you really recap a book of short stories, except to say that there's a range of emotion here that is quite impressive. However, there is a unifying theme of internal struggle, a feeling of alienation, a yearning for something that perhaps was never quite yours to begin with.

Quickie Review: I would agree that sex is red, but sex isn't the only thing that's red, and in the story in question, I doubt whether it's only sex being referred to. There are shades of subtlety, of quiet revenge, of quiet rage, even, for lives lived not quite right. I was bowled over by the very first story and just kept on truckin, delighted to have found a new (to me) Canadian voice that actually has something to say.

Quickie Recommendation: Worth the perusal.


Lorna said...

Library find? Maybe I'll just take out a standing order for the books Jay takes out

Jay said...

I wouldn't wish that on anyone!