Friday, December 5, 2008

The Geography of Hope

A Tour of the World We Need, by Chris Turner.

Quickie Recap: When it comes to the environment, that is to say, the health and the fate of the planet we call home, we are very near the tipping point, the point of no return. Humanity needs to be cultivating a new sustainable lifestyle and this book offers exactly that.

Quickie Review: HOPE is the key word to this book. Lots of green books get overexcited by the topic and doom us all but Turner instills hope by showing what can be done, in fact, what is being done in small doses right this very minute, and how it's working and could be working on a much larger scale if only we could get everyone on board. At various times in reading this book, I was ready to sell up and live in a mud hut, and then an eco-village, and god knows what else. The power of this book is that it makes it all feel possible, and that's not always something that environmentalists are good at. Parts of this book were more readable than others and Turner cares more for telling cool stories than for sticking to the topic but that's okay because he's got some important words here that I think deserve to be read.

Quickie Recommendation: Yup. What makes this book different, and my opinion good is that it's not about technology. We already have the technology. It's our consciousness that needs to change, and I think this book not only defines the problem but helps contribute to the solution. Wow, eh? Buy it here.

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