Friday, January 2, 2009


A Road Trip Through our Complicated Affair with the Automobile, by Tim Falconer.

Quickie Recap: Falconer goes for a drive to think about how driving is killing the planet.

Quickie Review: Forget that the content of the book completely contradicts the thesis - this was one of the most enjoyable road trips I've ever taken. It seemed a natural progression from The Geography of Hope, allowing further exploration of "car culture" and the need for a fundamental challenge to our attachment to wheels (to conquer the inconvenient truth, it seems that cars must be sacrificed). Sure I had qualms about Falconer's delivery - driving 15000km makes him part of the very problem he's describing - but it's still an interesting read. Interesting, but I suppose ultimately unsuccessful, since he admits that he himself remains unconvinced. He is unwilling to make the sacrifice he knows is necessary.

Quickie Recommendation: I realize I just called it a failure, but I still really liked it.

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