Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shakespeare Wrote For Money

Two years of reading begat by more reading, presented in easily digestible, utterly hysterical monthly installments, by Nick Hornby.

Quickie Recap: Nick Hornby wrote a column for Believer called Stuff I'm Reading where he discussed - you guessed it! - the stuff he was reading, or not reading, whichever was the case.

Quickie Review: Nick Hornby is a funny guy, even when he's lazy and he eschews books in favour of World Cup action. As I'm always yammering on about my own 'reading begat by more reading' it is both refreshing to find that I am not the only poor soul who reads extensively and yet never seems to make headway on The List, and also maddening, because Hornby's recommendations just contribute to even more additions to The List.

Quickie Recommendation: Oh. Yes. Was it even a question?

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