Monday, March 23, 2009

Moral Disorder

by Margaret Atwood

Quickie Recap: The stories are all about the same woman, from different periods in her life, and told from different perspectives.

Quickie Review: It's Atwood, so of course it's good. I found it fairly straight-forward, with moments of bitterness and sweetness both. When I first dove in, I was in love. It was easy to get into, but because the stories are related, it almost reads like a novel, a novel which in the end lacks that final punch. It left me wanting to know more about the other relationships that get woven into the stories. I wanted a bit of closure.

Quickie Recommendation: I don't consider it her best, but I'm sure even her worst is far above much of the tripe they sell in Chapters.


Ms Mac said...

Quick! Where's the Like button?

Mark said...

I read all of your reviews, but I typically don't comment on them. I wondered, though, where do you find out about books you review here? Where do you get the ones you read? Maybe you could do a post covering that.

Jay said...

Good stuff, Mark. I think I may have to think about that myself!