Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Children's Book

Quickie Recap: Olive Wellwood is a writer of children's fairy tales who is surrounded by a large family and an entourage of friend. Everyone has a story. Not all of them end happily ever after.

Quickie Review: I like what I read from the get go. There are so many characters to follow that at moments I felt it difficult to sort out who was who, but a little bit of persistence paid off. We follow them over a number of years, through an idyllic childhood, troubled times, the wisdom of children and the ignorance of their parents, all culminating in the one thing the reader knows is coming better than the characters do: WWI. And boy does it come.

Quickie Recommendation: Absorbing.


Lorna said...

Try the Matisse Stories and the Little Black Book of Stories.

I first read the matisse stories in a beautiful publication with coloured plates of the Matisse work that went with the stories. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if i ever saw it again. If I could afford it. which I probably could if I could stop buying earrings

Jay said...

It's definitely hitting my list!
Thanks, Lorna!