Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diary of Interrupted Days

by Dragan Todorovic

Quickie Recap: This is about the Serbian-Croatian war in the early 90s, about the young people living there at the time, their reaction, thoughts and feelings towards not just the war, but about the ideas and the politics of the time, and how they feel they have to leave their home in order to live the life they want. It goes on to tell about resettling in Canada, and what happens to those who didn't get out, and how hard it is to go back.

Quickie Review: I've noticed that the harder it is for me to recap a book, the better it is. I didn't expect to like this one as much as I did. I was reading another book about another war concurrently, and I was barely muddling through it. This one, however, really earned its right to be read. Maybe it's because the characters were young, and though not idealistic, they had ideas. They are relatable.

Quickie Recommendation: I can't keep the surprise out of myself when I say that I really did enjoy this one. It was a haunting tribute to Yugoslavia, with a real feeling of longing and regret.

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Brad said...

I feel like I might normally have passed this one by, but now I'll stop and pick it up, and most likely take it home because you told me to, and you haven't been wrong yet.