Friday, June 5, 2009

The Good Mayor

a novel by Andrew Nicoll.

Quickie Recap: Tibo Krovic does his job with zest; the town cannot help but dub him the "good mayor" and he lives up to that title every single day. That he is such a competent mayor is a true testament to his will, because Krovic is tortured at work. He is in love with his married secretary.

Quickie Review: Breath-taking. The jacket refers to Nicoll as a former lumberjack, which completely blows away every lumberjack stereotype you thought you were comfortable with. This novel is subtle, sensitive, beautiful. It's a love story, in a way, that veers toward the Kafkaesque toward the end. This too will probably stay in my top 5 for all of 2009 - which means beware the remaining 6 months' worth of books, there are only 2 spots left! Bring your A game, because Nicoll certainly has, despite this being his first novel. You just get swept along into such sweetness and tenderness, yet also fantastic and funny.

Quickie Recommendation: Not to be missed!


Maryanne said...

You know what I love about your reviews? You make me feel like an idiot for not having this on my book shelf already. :)

I mean that in a good way.
The thing is, I probably WOULD have missed this if not for you, but now I get to go shopping and pick up something I am certain to love the way you have.

Lit and Life said...

It's on my list now; sounds great!

Jay said...

It IS great!