Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Eating Bull

Quickie Recap: An overweight teenager becomes the poster boy for obesity in a lawsuit against the food industry while a fat-obsessed serial killer is on the loose and racking up a hefty body count.

Quickie Review: Author Carrie Rubin has a voice that's clear and clever. Her characters are well-drawn and sympathetic. Her real-life background in medicine lends authenticity to the narrative. This is a cause she is clearly passionate about, and compassionate about.

Quickie Recommendation: It's a great medical thriller that'll put you through your paces and leave you gasping at the end. A page-turner that's sure to please any reader...but not to be read while eating dinner. ;)

American readers buy it here: Eating Bull
Canadian readers buy it here: Eating Bull

All are welcome to enter to win a free copy here - now until December 15th.

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Carrie Rubin said...

Thank you so much for the review! Much appreciated!