Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sun Flower and the Secret Fan

by Lisa See.

Quickie recap: Sun Flower and Lily are from vastly different backgrounds but drawn together to be the best of friends - they recount how it was to grow up in 19th century China, through foot binding, and war, seclusion, nu shu (women's writing), motherhood, and above all - friendship.

Quick review: Raw, honest, and simply beautiful.

Quick recommendation: Must read, hands down, get this and love it.


gel said...

yes, yes, YES!
I read this "on my own from no recommendation" a couple of months ago. Then one of my book groups (real life), wanted to read it and so I led the discussion. This was one we all agreed was enjoyable. (Quite unusual for us all to agree!)

I especially enjoyed learning much more about Chinese culture back then, like footbinding and the way women interacted...didn't you?

Anonymous said...

It's "Snow Flower", although Sun Flower is a pretty name, too.