Monday, April 2, 2007

Up From Slavery

by Booker T. Washington

Quickie recap: Born into slavery and freed under the emancipation proclamation, this man pursues education single-mindedly and accomplishes some amazing thing, not just as a black man, but as a man period.

Quickie review: At times humble, and other times somewhat boastful, it was a chapter or two in before I realized that if he is proud of accomplishments, he has damn good reason to be. He is a truly remarkable man and it comes out in his writing.

Quickie recommendation: It's an honour and a privilege to read about and remember this man's life.


Blitz Krieg said...

I read this in junior high school for a term paper. An unbelievable man.

Mickey said...

Finally a blog with quickie reviews.

Mickey said...

Mysteriously tho, I`m glad you're doing it so I dont have to.
I read a book review about "the god delusion" by richard dawkins. The review was by thomas nagel at the new republic.

Jesus frickin christ ! The review was longer than the frickin book I'll bet.
Then I read another review at litkicks...
Jesus Frickin Chri..

So, today I`m deluded and I've started hating people and loving goats.

Jay said...

Just as it should be :)