Monday, June 4, 2007

Beautiful Lies

by Lisa Unger.

Quickie recap: Ridley Jones saves a life, and the ensuing media frenzy identifying her as a "hero" prods a man identifying himself as her father to come forward: The catch: until that very moment, Ridley didn't know she was adopted. The other catch: the mob is somehow involved in her so-called "adoption." Run, Ridley, Run.

Quickie review: I have no idea how this book came to be in my possession - "thrillers" are not necessarily my cup of tea. And while it probably won't be winning any literary merit, I found myself enjoying it. A lot. It was fun, and I don't get to say that about very many of the books I read. Clearly, Unger has a sense of humour, and a sense of adventure, and Ridley happens to be an endearing driving force that propels you through the book at record-breaking speeds.

Quickie recommendation: As a bit of a book snob, I'll be the first to admit that this probably isn't for everyone. But I also feel compelled to say that I, for one, enjoyed it, and not only that, I find myself putting the next book in the series on my to-read list.

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