Monday, June 4, 2007

Made to Break

Technology and Obsolescence in America, by Giles Slade.

Quickie recap: Obsolescence, or rendering something obsolete, comes in two forms: technology (you replace an item with something better, faster, stronger), or style (you replace an item with a prettier item that does the same thing). Either way, our addiction to electronics has led to massive obsolescence, which means our dumps are overflowing with dangerous, leeching products that are thrown out before they're worn out. A waste to be sure, but why are we doing it? Apparently because companies tell us to.

Quickie review: It dragged in a few places (Slade adores his history, I think), but overall I found the book informative and fascinating, and in some parts, alarming. It's a thinker for sure, and it has made me look around my home with disapproving eyes.

Quickie recommendation: I hope this book is read by many, and discussed by many.


La Cremiere said...

Have you watched An Inconvenient Truth yet? It's very relevant.

Jay said...

Yes I have, a while back now.