Saturday, June 23, 2007

Killing Yourself to Live

by Chuck Klosterman.

Quickie recap: Chuck, a writer for Spin magazine, drives cross country on an assignment to check out the places were rock stars were killed or killed themselves. On the trip he muses about his failed romantic relationships, and tries to make connections between them all.

Quickie review: Heartless and flat, this book struck me as mildly amusing in some places, and painfully self-indulgent in others. Mostly it was just unnecessary. At one point he tells the reader that his friend Lucy called this book "dubious" and quotes her as saying "Just don't complain to me when all those idiot bloggers write things like 'Ultimately, the author should have listened to his friend Lucy Chance.'" And here I am, saying, well, he should have listened to Lucy.

Quickie recommendation: Sorry, no dice.

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Boosh Clown said...

are you one of those people that hates chuck klosterman just to be different?