Friday, June 8, 2007


by William Gibson.

Quickie recap: Case is an unemployed "cowboy" (he works in the matrix) who gets involved in a mysterious and dangerous operation .

Quickie review: Oof. I had trouble getting into this one. While I applaud Gibson for not pussy-footing around and just plopping the reader right into this strange world, it was a lot to swallow at once and I struggled to make sense of what I was reading. It was involving and creative, and ultimately enjoyable, although the characters were at times difficult to differentiate and I felt it wasn't very "average reader" friendly.

Quickie recommendation: I didn't hate it. Whether you do or not depends a lot on how intimidated you are by the sci-finess. It's not unbelievable, just a little advanced.


La Cremiere said...

I tried that one a couple of years back but never got through to the end. I lost interest, I think it's because I did not understand it. At the time I thought it was because my English was not good enough, but now, it's possibly that you need to be an advanced reader!

Jay said...

I'm so glad it's not just me!