Friday, July 13, 2007

The Fortress of Solitude

by Jonathan Lethem.

Quickie recap: Dylan Ebdus is a white dude and Mingus Rude is a black dude, but they grow up together in 1970s Brooklyn. The friendship spans racial tensions, punk rebellion, drugs, prison and college, and eventually puts real superpowers into the hands of two comic book fans...but how will it effect their relationship?

Quickie review: This book was amazing. From the first page, Lethem makes you feel like an insider, one of the neighbours playing stick ball on the street. The story is told with so much tender truthfulness that even when you want to look away, you can't - the story has involved you, you are complicit. I was blown away, again and again by the swift, straight-forward writing and iconic picture Lethem paints for us.

Quickie recommendation: Recommend? Yes yes yes!

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