Monday, September 10, 2007

Larry's Party

Quickie recap: Larry is an ordinary guy living an ordinary life; the extraordinariness of it is in the telling.
Quickie review: Carol Shields! I always knew that she was good, but no one told me she was great! I feel shocked, shocked because she's always been on the periphery, I've read her before but never given her due - until now. I was blown away by how she brought such depth and beauty to an ordinary life. It really highlights how unordinary we all are, in our own ways, and what a master Shields is at her craft to do this without thwacking us over the head with it.
Quickie recommendation: Oh yes!


stephifty said...

Yes! Carol Shields is one of my absolute favourites and has been for some time. If you really get into her writing and are interested in a more biographical look, I highly recommend "A Memoir of Friendship", which is a record of 3 decades of correspondence between Shields and her friend/co-novelist Blanche Howard. I can hardly put it down!

Deep said...

Is there any study guides on the net for this novel, I'm reading it right now, but im kinda lost.