Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lost In a Good Book

Quickie recap: Thursday Next returns after her Eyre Affair to solve yet more crimes against books, get tutored by a Dickens character, look after her pet dodo and its offspring, literally save the world from extinction, and try to locate her husband whose only proof of existence is the baby in her belly. Man this girl is underpaid!

Quickie review: Sadly Mr Fforde still has not responded to any of my offers to have his babies (and I so would!), so for now I can only content myself by reading his books, and actually, it's not so bad, as consolation prizes go. You don't have to be as big a book worm as I am to enjoy his novels, but it does help you to appreciate the nuances - I feel as though Fforde has buried little treasures among the pages just for me to find and savour, but in reality I must admit that you too can luxuriate in the luxurious world of his books if only you're smart enough to pick one up.
Quickie recommendation: Obviously you should read this book, and obviously Jasper should accept my invitation for good lasagna and bad wine and just accept that he's keen to be my boyfriend!


Lorna said...

One of my faves---I love the whole series, and apparently there is a new one out in which the mystery of the disapperance of all comedy from Thomas Hardy novels in explored.

Lorna said...

is explored---the disappearance of it is.