Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Henderson the Rain King

by Saul Bellow.

Quickie recap: Henderson is dissatisfied with his pampered American life so he escapes to Africa where his awkwardness follows him until he accidentally becomes the Rain King and meets a wise King who loves lions just a little too much.

[Okay - worst recap ever. The story is not like other stories, and it doesn't translate well into the "quickie" version. Just trust me when I tell you it's great.]

Quickie review: When reading Saul Bellow, the neurons fire, the synapses pop with electrical charges that tickle me all the way down my spine - I can hear Bill Cosby shouting Wow! Wow! Wow! over and over inside my head. It's like the words are chocolate-covered, each one to be savoured and fawned over. Oh, joy!

Quickie recommendation: Roarrr!!!!

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Steve said...

Yeah, I liked this one a little bit better than "Herzog".