Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vanishing Point

by David Markson.

Quickie recap: Plotless, this "novel" is better described as a "collage" of words. In reality, a collection of quotes and trivia pertaining to artists and the way they live (also the way they die, are inspired, are often underrated) while the "author" grapples with his own sense of mortality.

Quickie review: I cannot begin to give a fair review to this "novel" because it has become clear to me that I am a "traditionalist" when it comes to novels - you know, characters and the things that happen to them. I missed that. But I also enjoyed a new sense of zing that I got from this hodge podge. It didn't excite me like a juicy story, but it wasn't bad.

Quickie recommendation: If you're like me and you need to open up your mind a bit, then maybe you should do yourself a favour and give it a try.

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