Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jean Chretien: My Years as Prime Minister

by Jean Chretien.

Quickie recap: For ten years, Chretien served as Canada's Prime Minister and led us into an undeniable period of growth and prosperity, but not without his share of scandal. In this book he sets the record straight, and offers no apologies.

Quickie review: This memoir is rarely personal - he sticks to his years as Prime Minister, and aside from attributing his success to his lovely wife Aline, he doesn't often stray into more intimate territory. However, he does tackle some meaty political issues - his regrets about the referendum, how he melds his Catholicism with his liberal views on gay marriage, his anger toward his successor Paul Martin, his "discovery" of Stephane Dion, and whatever the hell happened with the sponsorship scandal. Personally, I was excited to crack open this book. I liked him from the day he was elected, and missed him from the day he retired. I love that he's not afraid to boast on the pages of this book. Sure he's arrogant, but he did a lot for our country, and he's not afraid to remind us of that. He takes credit where he feels credit is due. He is surprisingly soft on Castro, a bit cheeky about Clinton (ribbing the younger but chubbier former President), and delightfully caustic when it comes to Paul Martin. It kind of makes you wish that Chretien days were here again.

Quickie Recommendation: You get the sense that Chretien knows that history will give him the respect he deserves, so in this book he indulges himself, sets the record straight on the things that mattered to him. It's always fascinating to hear the other side of the story.


Lorna said...

I've lost my warmth towards this guy. Maybe i need to read this book.

BBC said...

Hon, that one blog is pretty old. Maybe you should let folks know which one you want them to read? Or delete one of them?

I'm not sure why but your comment "on my blog cracked me up for some reason and I almost fell off of my chair laughing my ass off.

My reply was>>>

"Jay.... You are new here. Um, if you was wise you would stay away from me. If I was wise I would stay away from you. I'll be right over."

Um, where in the hell was I? Okay, I've drank enough and I'm going to bed. Get back to you later hon, if I remember to.

But never forget that I loved you before I met you. Hugs.