Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Lost Highway

by David Adams Richards.

Quickie recap: Alex Chapman should have prayed for patience, and to be less greedy. He didn't. Instead, when he learned that his uncle had in his possession a lottery ticket worth $13 million, he got some naughty thoughts. And then the novel asks Alex, and us, just how far we're prepared to bend our morals, and at what cost.
Quickie review: This novel is juicy in a question-of-ethics, cast-the-first-stone, point-the-finger-at-yourself kind of way. 13 million dollars is a lot of money. How many of us could stay honest? I bow to you, author, for writing about betrayal so deftly, and for not flinching, not even once.
Quickie recommendation: Oui.

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