Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Book

Quickie recap: If you've seen The Rick Mercer Report or read his blog, then you know what to expect: no politician in this country (and some others thrown in for good measure) is safe from his wit, his criticism, his famous Rick-Mercer-eyebrow-lift.

Quickie review: His rants are razor sharp, and he's got the best of them from the past 4 years conveniently bound together in one hard-backed edition. You can relive the highlights of the sponsorship scandal, the gay marriage issue in Canada, and enjoy barbs at any and all political parties. This guy loves politics, and it shows. He's not just a headlines kind of guy , and he's not in it just to poke fun. He actually has insight and opinion, he just happens to not suck at discussing them, and this book (The Book, rather) is a supreme example of him not sucking. His rants are bite-sized, to the point (very appealing to us bloggers), and spot-on.

Quickie recommendation: Mercer is practically a Canadian institution. Shame on you if you don't.


Lorna said...

just did a 4 in 1 blogread and had to agree with them all, although I don't own the illustrated version of Life of Pi. I have however, left my fingerprints on it at Perfect Books on elgin St., Collected Works on Wellington, and every Chapters in town.

Jay said...

So it's only a matter of time. :)

Tony said...

Okay, okay, you've shamed me...I shall buy the book and will report back with my own verdict. Just remember...I don't read nearly as quickly as you do, so give me at least a week!