Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Jesus Became Christian

Quickie Recap: So, Jesus was this cool Jewish guy who had some pretty strict views on living by the Torah, and somehow, other dudes twisted his words and made some shit up that sounded impressive until eventually this quiet rabbi became a Christian god. Weird, huh? How do you think something like that happens?
Quickie Review: Wilson raises some interesting questions, and the book starts off strongly with some hard-hitting views like the "Jesus Cover-Up" (no, it's not something he wore to the beach) and "The Trouble with Paul". Wilson uncovers the Paul "bombshells" that basically turn away from the actual teachings of Jesus and head toward Paul's own anti-semetic interpretations of Christ. Paul never even met the guy, but he sure put some words in his mouth. Wilson supplies many golden nuggets, but unfortunately, you really have to dig for them. They tend to get lost in an information overload. It's a good book, interesting if that's your kind of thing, but it's not great, it doesn't quite live up to its potential.
Quickie Recomendation: I think no matter what your religious background is, it's important to read up on this stuff because nothing else in our culture is referenced quite so heartily. Jesus, whether fictional or historical, is an important guy to know about.


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Right back at you, sister!

PS: It's a lovely thought but there is no need to Kill the Goat for me anymore. Animal sacrifices are so BC.

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I'm enjoying reading your review, damn you do read a lot!

Have you read The Historical Jesus by John Dominick Crossan? He's a leading academic in this field and that book, in particular, is a good read and highly distinguished within the religious studies circles.