Thursday, June 26, 2008


Quickie Recap: Buster "Rant" Casey's life gets story get told from everybody's lips but his own. Friends and enemies alike gather to talk about the man, the legend, the superspreader of a vicious strain of rabies.
Quickie Review: I've never issued a cool book alert before, but I felt it was necessary to this time, absolutely necessary. "Mind-bending" is the best descriptor of this book that I've come across. It makes you think whoa on a regular basis. This is a fictional biography, but it may not be as fictional as we think. I love how Palahniuk takes us for a ride, we go in circles and we don't even see it coming. He's a master, layering subtleties upon each other without the reader even noticing it until it all starts to fall into place and you realize how cleverly he's been laying the bricks all along. It was exhilarating to be hand-fed by such an artist, to be dazzled by an alternative yet familiar existence where the Grandfather Paradox (if you travelled back in time and accidentally killed your grandfather, you wouldn't exist) get stomped on its ass by the Grandmother Paradox (far more incestuous, if you get my drift) and everything gets turned on its head and has you questioning just how fictional fiction really is.
Quickie Recommendation: Rant is one for the ages. It belongs on book shelves, and has me salivating for more, so stay tuned for the Snuff review, coming soon!


Steven W. Beattie said...

You don't find that Palahniuk is becoming somewhat one-note? More and more he appears to me as a one-trick pony, with the one trick offering diminishing returns with each successive outing.

I'm fascinated to hear what you have to say about Snuff.

Lorna said...

I just can't read Palahniuk any more. On the other hand, I read from the "ado" bookshelves

Steve said...

Love Palahniuk. I think, so far, "Invisible Monsters" is my fave, but it's hard to pick one.

Jay said...

Palahniuk is, well, I don't want to say militant or anything, but he's definitely a bit in your face with his writing. You love each book or hate it, at least in my experience. This one I loved.