Monday, July 28, 2008

The Gargoyle

A novel by Andrew Davidson.
Quickie Recap: A porn star is nearly killed in a horrific car crash, and while clinging to life and fantasising about death in a burn ward, his only visitor is a schizophrenic woman who claims to have known him in another life over 700 years ago.
Quickie Review: Wow. What a book. Pinging back and forth between gruesome and romantic and out of this world, the words and images never stop. Davidson is an artist who offers up a whole selection of juicy stories, many of which moved me to tears without a single drop of sentimentality, all weaved together in an unusual and compelling narrative that is tough (well, for me, quite impossible) to put down. I read 465 pages in 24 hours, stopping only to implore others to seek out a copy of their own (apologies to the man on the bus whose morning commute I interrupted with my enthusiasm).
Quickie Recommendation: Must-read.


Lorna said...

Please keep spreading your enthusiasm---I'm buying that book this afternoon

Ruela said...

sounds good ;)

Jay said...

I'm glad. Let me know how it goes.

B said...

thanks! I was thinking about this one the other day in chapters I will get it now for sure! it sounds great