Saturday, July 26, 2008

King John of Canada

A novel of the Near Future, by Scott Gardiner.


Quickie Recap: Canada decides to get rid of the Queen of England and hold a lottery to establish a monarchy of our own. The guy with the winning ticket is John, and in John Canada gets WAY more than it bargained for!!

Quickie Review: I was\still am absolutely blown away by this book! I want to live in this Canada, this great country that Gardiner has created. I feel like I've fallen in love with his ideas. Gardiner is obviously a smart guy with big, bold opinions of his country. This is most definitely a political novel, of which there are not many floating around by Canadian writers, but this gem is so much more than its unique genre. It's funny, it's abrasive, it's loud but unfailingly polite. It seems that Gardiner has distilled the Canadian spirit and shoved it into these pages. I felt such an instant connection to this book, and it's no wonder - it's home.

Quickie Recommendation: Absolutely and without hesitation to anyone, but especially to all Canadians - 30 000 000 should sell, be read, and be referenced. Brilliant. I don't know where this book has been hiding, but I implore everyone to get out to their book stores and demand a copy now.

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