Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exit Lines

A darkly comic novel about everything that matters, from sex to death, by Joan Barfoot.
Quickie Recap: Four people taking up residence in the same retirement home find that they have more in common than just old age, but with death looming more quickly for some than others, they find their approach to friendship is more intense and that life at the Idyll Inn isn't quite as peaceful as they'd imagined.
Quickie Review: I wasn't entirely sure what to make of this book at first, but I'm glad I kept with it because it really did make me think about what friendship means, how much we can really ask of ourselves, and of others, what a life well-spent really means, and what exactly is meant by a 'life worth living for'. It's a book that gives pause, and does so with a touch of funniness that is endearing.
Quickie Recommendation: Worth it.

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