Saturday, August 23, 2008

Say Goodbye

Quickie Recap: An expectant mother\FBI agent learns to juggle her personal life with her career, struggling between doing what's best for her unborn baby and what the urgent needs of the missing persons in her case files.

Quickie Review: Not normally my kind of book, I still enjoyed it, at least in a throw-away kind of way. Lately I find that I need some lighter fare in between angsty literature or heavy-duty non-fiction and despite the dead bodies, this, to me, is lighter fare. Brilliant? No. Frankly, a little predictable, but in a sorbet way. You know, palate-cleansing.

Quickie Recommendation: Hm. Well, if you're a lover of the "best-selling suspense" stuff, then yeah, I think this works. Is there better out there? Definitely.

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Ms Mac said...

Yes, I always try to mix in a bit of fluff when I'm reading, otherwise I end up feeling a bit overwrought.

You read way more angsty literature and heavy duty non-fiction that I do though. My poor wee brians can't cope with too much.