Saturday, September 6, 2008

Remember Me?

A novel by the #1 NewYork Times best-selling author Sophie Kinsella.
Quickie Recap: Lexi wakes up in the hospital and finds that the past 3 years of her life have completely vanished from her memory. Surprisingly, she seems to be living the dream...but she soon finds out that appearances can be deceiving.
Quickie Review: That recap makes me sick. It's so formulaic. To be honest, I think the whole amnesia theme is a bit played out. I only know of Sophie because my sisters have left her stuff lying about, usually on the edge of tubs, which I think is where she belongs. This book was a bit gratuitous. Fluff. Romantic and predictable cheap thrills. The best that I can say is that I think her ladybug dress in the back cover author photo is cute. Heck, I'll even give it a really cute just to show how generous I can be.
Quickie Recommendation: It is what it is.


Lorna said...

I'm with you on the Sophie Kinsella books, but how genius is her name? I'd kill for a name that trips off the tongue like that.

Jay said...

It is rather beautiful.