Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ravine

Quickie Recap: Phil's life has hit a rough patch and he believes that resurrecting the memory of a childhood "incident" will give him the context and the insight to move on. Not everyone agrees, but they indulge him on his mission.

Quickie Review: We all have that defining moment in our pasts that changes who we are. For Phil, the memory is distorted and painful, but Quarrington is not gentle. He's not afraid to be confrontational, and I think that really drives the story and makes it real. He manages to be whimsical and tragic and mysterious and funny all at the same time. This book is just full of grace. I find that Quarrington writes characters that I really get into. He's got this subtle touch that allows him to channel a character's insecurities and defense mechanisms and show those vulnerabilities without absolutely naming them. It's kind of brilliant. He never disappoints me.

Quickie Recommendation: I'd even take seconds, if only they were on offer.


Lizzie said...

On my way to Amazon right now!!!

Steven W. Beattie said...

You didn't think that the story went completely off the rails with that car trip at the end?

Lorna said...

"kind of brilliant"? isn't that like "giant shrimps"?

Jay said...

Yes, and "a little famished", all of which I am a fan of saying, on a "semi-regular" basis. :)