Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Say I'm a Diva Like it's a Bad Thing

by Ed Polish and Darren Wotz.

Quickie Recap: A flip book of affirmations for "mommies on the edge, self-styled drama queens, and domestic goddesses everywhere. Featuring full-color advertising images from the 1950s and 1960s paired with sly, laugh-out-loud sayings". Some of them are actually pretty risque!

Quickie Recap: Like the other one, a saucy collection of fiercely feminist declarations paired with kitschy vintage advertising images. Quite possibly more daring and defiant (with a no-fear attitude toward language! nothing is safe!), it ponders the fine points of bitchiness with provocative panache. Walking a thin line between vulgarity and hilarity, how could you not love it?
Quickie Review: Exactly the kind of thing your girlfriends will laugh about, and you'll hide when your in-laws visit, I'm liking this so much I've found some very unique uses for it.

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Lorna said...

the mind boggles...