Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kane & Abel

Quickie Recap: In the early days of the 20th century, two babies are born, worlds and classes apart, but destined to play a part in each other's lives. Each man is fuelled by ambition, and by hatred for the other - and each will stop at nothing to see the other lose everything.

Quickie Review: More Romeo & Juliet than the biblical title implies, this story is nonetheless epic and engrossing. I surprised myself by developing a small addiction to these characters.
Quickie Recommendation: You'll basically know what's coming, but you still won't be able to wait for it to get there.


Lorna said...

I remember reading this---it was like reading Ken Follett: you know you're being manipulated, but it feels soooo good.

Jay said...

Nicely put.

Jay said...

(it does sort of feel like he's got you on a leash though, doesn't it?)